We analyze results and data accumulated from various testings to formulate an effective strategy based on your business’ goals. We know just the right techniques to help rank your website on the SERPs and drive targeted organic traffic which can potentially lead to sales.

Lignin is a Kerry-based digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses gain the online presence they deserve. One of the tactics we use to achieve this is thru SEO or search engine optimization.

Our years of knowledge in the field allow us to improve the SEO performance of our clients’ businesses, helping them rank in the top pages of Google without negatively impacting their brands. Also, our team of SEO specialists follows a set process to ensure that we can rank our clients’ websites as efficiently as possible.

SEO or search engine optimization
SEO or search engine optimization
All of our tactics are based on and driven by data collected and analyzed from statistics and monitoring reports. Through the use of such data, we can help rank websites as quickly as possible. How We Conduct Our SEO Our SEO process normally involves the following key aspects:
On-page SEO This involves optimising all of the pages in your website, inspecting on-page elements that can affect your site’s overall SEO score. This can involve creating proper meta tags (i.e. meta titles and descriptions), using ALT tags for images, and more. Keyword Research Keyword research plays a vital role in all our SEO efforts. This allows us to find the potential keywords to use for your website. It also gives us insights as to which particular terms potential customers use to arrive at your website.
Social Media Management

Content Creation

Properly optimized content is HUGE when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. This paired with proper keyword research allows us to target specific audiences who are looking for your products and/or services. It also helps establish a solid presence for your website by making your content the go-to for people who are looking for specific information.

Local SEO

We know that as a startup, it can be hard to compete with the more established brands online. Therefore, we also offer local S-E-O to help build your business’ presence right from within your own area. We believe it’s better to start from your own neighbourhood before you branch to an even bigger market. This can involve a local SEO audit as well as listing your business on Google My Business to further improve your online presence.

Local SEO services

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