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St. Fergal’s College partnered with Lignin for the creation of a cleaner, more responsive website which was student-friendly and interactive.


Educating many generations of the local area, located in Rathdowney, Co. Laois, St. Fergals College was established in 1937. The classes were conducted in temporary locations before moving to the present site of the Conoboro Road. The school was initially planned to consist of four rooms however it opted for the construction of three instead. 

The student population began to increase over the years and so did the development of the school. By 1987 a new building provided general-purpose classrooms, a gymnasium and administration facilities, as well as the introduction of uniforms. By 2012 a new building was complete, adding three new classrooms, a science room, an art room and new meeting rooms. This also involved joining all the buildings up for the formation of one school that is seen today. The student population has continued to grow and now consists of around 300 students and 28 teaching staff.

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To focus on the progression of the school, performing to the high standards that have been set. Lignin was approached by St Fergal’s college to recreate a new website as they needed to attract prospective pupils. In order to meet these expectations. They felt that during these times, pupils and teachers needed an easier way of finding information. Through the use of a new and improved website, it supports the delivery to both the current and future students, benefiting from the information provided and education programmes available to help the progression of their journey through school life. 


Alongside Lignin, a solution of a cleaner, more responsive website will move the school in a new direction. Allowing easy navigation and the addition of new features will result in becoming more interactive for both the pupils and staff. A student-friendly website will engage in higher interaction and is likely to be reflected in performance. 

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