Our Work - Poppa Doms Farm Shop

Gareth Kiely of Poppa Doms Farm Shop partnered with Lignin for the creation of an E-Commerce web design.


Poppa Dom’s Farm is a family-owned business established in 2017 by a father and son team Dominic and Gareth Kiely. Their organic farm shop is the home for fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The team holds themselves to high environmental standards, which explains their commitment to farming cultivated food and ornamental plants to leave a more fertile land than what is currently available in their area. All their farm inputs are organic and locally sourced to produce healthy edibles.

On the farm, fruits, vegetables, salads, herbs, and flowers are grown, and weekly vegetable boxes are produced from springtime to autumn. They are a major supplier to hotels, local restaurants, cafes.

Poppa Dom’s Farm also manufactures a range of handmade skincare products including natural skin care oils, creams, lotions, and balm; all sourced from the flowers that are grown on their farm.


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The challenge was to design a website that portrayed the brand voice of the business, while still creating a rich online experience for its customers.

We wanted to ensure that web visits to Poppadomsfarmshop.ie delivered a seamless experience to users and increased the conversion of visitors to paying customers.


Alongside Lignin, a solution of a cleaner, more responsive website will move the school in a new direction. Allowing easy navigation and the addition of new features will result in becoming more interactive for both the pupils and staff. A student friendly website will engage in higher interaction and is likely to be reflected on performance. 

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Poppa Doms Farm Shop Website Mockup

We designed a functional and mobile-responsive E-commerce website that made online ordering easy for customers. The user inter interface was not online clean and beautiful, but also offered a delightful user experience. We also developed a custom postage pricing to enhance their shipping and fulfilment strategy.