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WGRC partnered with Lignin to create a cleaner and brighter website alongside rebranding with a fresh new logo. 


WGRC is a community-based initiative providing information, support, and counselling for those affected by substance misuse and mental health difficulties. The mission focus for WGRC is to provide the highest standard of addiction to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills. With the support of the team, individuals will gain great strength within themselves to cope with and overcome the problems faced in their lives. The services provided are both confidential and either free or low cost. If experiencing struggling with the consequences of y substance misuse, gambling harm or mental health difficulties, or that of a family member, no need to face it alone. A professional and experienced team who can help on the road to change.

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The performance at the high standard set by the organisation was challenged when the pandemic hit, several services could not be used due to the regulations put in place. Many problems had arisen with the previous website, not helping to convert users and the lack of responsiveness made it hard to provide the service required. In order to achieve such expectations, a new logo was needed to rebrand the company and a donation button was installed to help WGRC provide even more support with more funding.


Alongside Lignin, a solution for a cleaner and brighter website will benefit and help the rebranding of the company, with the implementation of a fresh new logo. Surrounding the issues of Covid the company wanted to integrate more Zoom features with the up and coming advancement of this, alongside a new calendar featuring zoom integration as well as more services that are Zoom friendly. In order to support individuals further, key documents could now be viewed and downloaded for easier access and a new staff board for users to feel more comfortable when browsing. Besides the launch of the new and improved website and branding, WGRC opted for video editing to include subtitles for hard of hearing. After discovering that 91% of people watched videos to the end with subtitles felt this was required for higher engagement and to meet the standards set.

WGRC New Site Feb 2021