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As a company, our goal is to help our clients in Kerry and around the world establish a solid digital presence that will help their businesses thrive and succeed. To achieve this, we provide the following services to our clients: Web DesignGraphic Design, Logo Design and SEO. With each of these services, we can help our clients strengthen their digital presence, allowing their own businesses to grow and thrive in this highly competitive world. We use our knowledge and expertise in web development, design, and SEO to come up with brilliant websites and graphics that will allow you to overtake your competitors and make your business successful. Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise, our team have what it takes to enhance your brand’s identity and improve its visibility in the digital world. Find out more about the services we can help you with.

Does this sound like you?

I just don't have the time to look after the website, update all the plugins and keep everything up-to-date.

I need to be able to update the website myself.

I need all of our systems to talk to each other and reduce the time our staff spends on manual entry.

Why Lignin is great at what they do with Web Design, Logo Designs and more.

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Business Development
Lignin was founded by a husband and wife team. Sarah and Paul Leonard have worked together to produce a process that they know works so they can help you achieve your online dream.

"A site has to have an instant visual snap. Customers will spend about one second deciding if they want to do business with you. The way you look can make a huge difference. That’s what we do." - Paul Leonard

We believe a better process means better results.

Our Process

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We start our projects by understanding the scope and requirements. This is accomplished by working closely with you to make sure we are all on the same page.

Project Begins

Once we have been through the discovery call, our team will start on the project. Whether that be a website design, logo, SEO or something else, will will start it and keep you up to date.


When all revisions of the project have been sorted and our team have built you something truly amazing. We will help integrate the project to where you need it and what your customers expect.


We don’t just finish the level of support there. We truly want to help you grow. If you are looking for a growth plan, we can help you with that.

Things to know about us


Husband and Wife team

Lignin is a husband and wife team and growing. Sarah and Paul Leonard have worked together to produce a process that they know works so they can help you achieve your online dream.

Paul has over ten years of experience in web design and development. 


We are a very small team which means we have a very personal touch and are always transparent in what we do. We encourage face to face or zoom communication. We involve you. We guide you.

We have created easy payment plans. We take care of you every step of the way. 

Responsive Devices

Our Standards

We build beautifully designed and practical custom websites. They are responsive to connect with your audience on all devices, SEO optimised and fast loading to help your business grow. 

We are a technical company and knowing our impact on nature we plant a tree for every project we do. 

What are the signs that I need a new website

Why do I need a website for my business?

If you have a well-established business, you might come up with numerous reasons why an effective website isn’t your priority or relevant to you.

Yes, you understand there is some need to have a web presence, but you aren’t fully convinced having one will make any difference for your business. More so, if you are already enjoying a reasonable profit.

However, the fact is, you need one. A professionally designed, lead-attracting, brand-differentiating and undeniably good website.

Still asking, “why do I need a website for my business?” We give you the answers below:

#1: Your Consumers Expect It

Just like any other marketing strategies you might have in place, your website remains your number one marketing asset, especially in this digital era. Remember, nowadays, most people spend more hours online, be it through their mobile phones or computer. Guess what?

Most of the time, they’re perusing through various platforms. So, it’s normal for customers to expect every company to have an online presence, including a well-functioning website, where they can quickly and easily access more information concerning their products and services 24/7. Therefore, most customers consider companies that don’t have websites to be less professional.

Think of your website as a marketing tool that can comfortably provide relevant messages to your consumers 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

#2: You can Easily be Found

As a growing business, one of the major benefits of having a website is that it allows you to be right where your customers are. Especially during a pandemic such as covid-19 and beyond because things are not returning to normal anytime soon. We can only progress from where we are.

Most consumers go online, not only to reach out to businesses they already know but also to search for local businesses selling relevant products/services.

A website will allow you to optimize your content, and rank highly on search engines such as Google. So, whenever people are searching for specific terms in your area of expertise, they’re likely to be led to your site for more details, which can lead to more sales. A good web design expert should help you with this.

Consider this, currently, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google, every single day. It means, there is someone online within your area searching for the exact service or product you’re providing. So, if it’s not you closing that sale, guess who is? Your competitor.

#3: Gives you Social Proof

For the longest time, customer behaviours have been known to be influenced by what others have to say about your business. So, even if there is a good word about your business going on out there, or be it numerous 5-star reviews on sites such as Yelp, people would always want to see it for themselves. How? First through your website, before deciding whether they want to visit your physical store or not.

You see, it’s easy to peruse through a business site. It doesn’t take much time, can be done literally anywhere, and is an important step customers tend to take especially when trimming down their options.

Plus, having a website gives customers the confidence to leave genuine brand testimonials that gives potential clients an idea about what you have to offer. No one wants to invest so many resources and end up feeling short-changed in the end.

#4: Exposes you to Commercial Transactions in Every Industry

If you have been saying that the main reason why you don’t have a website is that your specific industry is not online, you have been wrong all this time. Truth is, manufacturing, industrial, and B2B sectors are now rapidly thriving online. Why? Because half of the B2B buyers are now millennials, and they tend to hate cold calls. They tend to make business inquiries and even close sales through smartphones.

This means, most buyers can easily get through to even 67% of the buying process before they even want to speak to a sales representative. So, your website will typically be doing more than half of your sales work for you, making sales closing much easier and faster. Because, by the time a customer reaches out to you, it would be because they’re ready to finalize the deal.

It gets even more interesting with generation Z whose addiction to online purchases is unmatched.

#5: Helps you Control your Narrative

Yes, it might be difficult to control what people say about your brand, but the fact that you can do something about it is motivation enough to get started. You can start by writing your own story and influence the perception of your brand through your website.

A website will give you a more convenient and efficient way to create an ad, and come up with mail brochures to help spread your brand mission and vision.

That is not all, a website will give you numerous opportunities to partner with various social media influencers. This is a critical marketing strategy, especially when targeting millennials and generation Z. Influencers can greatly transform how the Gen Z shops and even interact with your brand through personalized digital marketing strategies. So, having a website is the easiest way to get interested leads to shop and even find readily available information on issues that need to be addressed. You get to control what you want them to hear and see!

#6: You Get to Compete with other Industry Giants

As mentioned earlier, thousands of people within your location are searching for similar products/services as yours every second. So, if you are not available online, they’re likely to land in the hands of your competitors. Having a website is one of the easiest ways to stand a fair competitive chance against gurus in your industry.

You simply have to optimize your website, to enable it to rank highly and be found at the right location at the right time. For instance, you can optimize your website according to your current location. It could be Kerry or other surrounding counties.

The secret is maximizing the right keywords to increase web traffic and influence your customer’s journey. From reviews, and recommendations to research, there is so much more to benefit from a prominent online presence, one of them being challenging your area code giants.